Microbial Communities and Habitats in Aquatic Environments Laboratory (MiCHAEL)

Department of Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment

University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece


  • New lab visitor: We are happy to host Zoe Devoyon, from Univesrsite de Poitiers, France, for her summer internship! Zoe will work on fish gut bacteria using specific carbohydrates. Welcome Zoe!!!

Research interests

The research interests of MiCHAEL are … small. We focus on aquatic ecology by investigating patterns and processes that underpin the distribution, abundance and diversity of microorganisms in diverse aquatic habitats. Some of our quests deal with the following:

* How do aquatic microbial communities assemble?

* Which members of the microbial trophic web are the key players in defining and maintaining community structure?

* How do these trophic links change over time?

* What is the role of spatial structure in regulating the community’s stability?

* How do abiotic parameters regulate ecosystem functioning of microbial processes?

* What types of association exist between prokaryotes and aquatic animals?

Taught courses at DIAE

* Microbiology (3rd semester)

* Microbial ecology of aquatic ecosystems (7th semester)

* Applications of aquatic microorganisms (7th semester; elective course)

* Microbial source tracking (10th semester; elective course)

Last update: Apr. 2022