The Koran Journal of Mathematics Log-in Problem


Some people have log-in problem. After they try to log into our system, the page is referred back to the login page again.

We guess there are several reasons of this problem. (Cookie affection etc.).

Some other journals using same system also have this problem, but they do not know what the exact reason is.

We found this problem is just happened when people use desktop web-browser.

Using web-browser in smartphone or tablet PC do not happen this problem.

For these reasons, we suggest one temporary solution. (For Windows OS user)

1. Install Chrome Browser developoed by Google

2. Open this web page by Google Chrome and click User-Agent Switcher for Chrome (Extension program for Chrome) to install it.

3. After installation, you can see an icon nearby URL address bar in Chrome browser. If you click the icon, you can change web-browser agents. (We would like to let this chrome browser like a mobile browser)

4. Click button and choose iOS -> iPad

5. Try to Log into the Korean Journal of Mathematics by Chrome Browser (with IPAD version)

If you have any futher question please contact