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Queen Kaahumanu Center's My School's Cool Program: Please turn in your receipts to our office or to the Customer Service Center as soon as possible. The 3rd quarter ends March 31, & we'd like to earn another $500 for this quarter! MSC program ends in May and the school with the most points (divided by the number of student enrollment & teachers) will receive $10,000. There's only 8 schools participating, so please ask friends & family to help!

Foodland Shop for Higher Education As of March 14th Kahuku leads all the high schools (over 400,000 Maika'i Points above KKHS). Other high school rankings: #2 Lahainaluna, #3 Hilo, #4 Kekaulike, & trailing less than 3,000 Maika'i Points behind us, is #5 Kapaa. Top 5 schools receive (5) $2,000 scholarships. The next 10 receive only (3) scholarships. This is the last update. If you're going to shop with your Maika'i Card at Foodland or Sack N Save, please do so before midnight, Tue., March 25.

Campbell's Education Program: KKHS is the only school in the Kekaulike Complex saving Campbell's UPC bar codes/lids. If we mail in 1,750 more of their UPC bar codes/lids, we can earn an extra 750 bonus points. (Reminder: Campbell no longer accepts the front labels.) Mahalo to the elementary parents who continue to save UPC bar codes. Their PCNC facilitators pass them to KKHS. Mahalo to Liz Lopes & some cafeteria workers for cutting & counting those bar codes!

"Students Are Special Day": One morning during the second semester many KKHS staff, parents & community members volunteer to meet at 7 a.m. to surprise the students by sign waving & wishing them a great day! It encourages our students and builds camaraderie among the adult ohana. Call the PCNC for more information.

Staff Appreciation Week: In May we encourage & show our appreciation to all our staff & regular volunteers.

Parent Volunteers
If you are interested in volunteering on campus or from home, please call the PCNC facilitator, June Kaneshiro at 573-8710 or email her at