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Student Support (CSSS)

bComprehensive Student Support Services
  • What is CSSS? "CSSS provides for all students - standards-based learning and a comprehensive support system, demonstrating that all children can learn, meet Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and General Learner Outcomes, and attain the Vision of a Hawaii Public School Graduate" [RS 09-1699 (Rev. of RS 05-0342)]. View Pamphlet
  • What is the Student Support Process (SSP)? "SSP is a problem-solving process that helps to ensure that ALL students receive the support they need to succeed" (Hawaii Department of Education 2007). View Pamphlet
  • King Kekaulike High School's Intervention Thermometer (Snap Shot of Level 1-5 interventions) View Image
CSSS Brochure (What we offer....agencies/services, athletics, career, club & organizations, college preparation, counseling, activities etc...) View Brochure