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Arts and Communication

Mission : Our Arts & Communication smaller learning community provides students opportunities to explore, experience, and express themselves through the arts. Students will enhance their ability to express their creativity and imagination as they gain specialized knowledge and skills.

The Pathway Core Course

The A&C Pathway Core is a prerequisite survey course divided into four one-quarter sections. Students rotate through quarter-long profiles of each of the following areas:

  • Communication Arts
  • Music
  • Studio Art
  • Digital Media

This foundational course, which is team-taught by advanced-level arts instructors, provides students with a well-rounded overview of all electives in the Arts and Communications Pathway.

In order to advance to upper-level electives in the A&C Pathway, students must earn a passing grade in the overall Core course AND a passing grade in the one-quarter section of the area in which they wish to take advanced offerings.  

Pathway Course Offerings

The A&C Pathway Core is the gateway to all elective courses in this pathway. Detailed descriptions of each elective course can be found in the school Course Guide.

Studio Art


Graphic Design






Drawing & Painting



AP Studio Art

Electronic Media

Digital Media

Graphic Communication


Beginning Acting

Intermediate/ Advanced Acting

Play Production

Theatre Arts

Theatre Craft

Directed Research




Polynesian Music