King Kekaulike High School strives in unity to support excellence in living, learning, and leading by focusing on Respect for self, others, and our school, and by promoting Rigor and Relevancy in learning. To view specific areas of learning use the menu above.

As students reach their Junior year they move into a Pathway of their choosing, which gives them the opportunity to focus on areas of study of interest to them and to begin planning for higher education and/or vocational opportunities.

In addition to core courses and pathway classes, students are also provided with opportunities to study through Electives during their four years at school.

King Kekaulike also offers students support and programs to complete their education through the Hawaiian Immersion Langugage Program and with the assistance of Special Education. Please see the page for details on core and elective requirements for graduation.

When planning a course of study, consult teachers, counselors, and parents and consider Graduation Requirements, prerequisites for different courses, personal educational and career plans, and interests and aptitudes.

Program Changes are made for the following reasons only:
1. Incomplete schedule
2. Course already taken
3. Incorrect level placement
4. Registration error
5. Course needed for graduation
6. Early admission to college
7. Services from an alternative program
8. Acceptable employment (seniors only)

Students who fail to preregister by the deadline will be programmed according to space availability and forfeit their rights to program changes. No student preference changes will be made once a semester begins.