The Kelly Karuzis band was established a few years ago when Kelly Karuzis joined Moe Baillargeon, Jill Olsen, and Steve Anderson Jr. from a former blues band. Their music styles vary from Rhythm and Blues, Rock & Roll to Old and New Country, giving them a unique and high energy style that all ages can enjoy!

    Here is a short biography of our members. Maurice (Moe) Baillargeon has been playing bass guitar for over 40 years and his influences are many and includes all styles of music. He has been a resident of Fryeburg since 1975 and loves being involved with the community.
    Steve Anderson Jr. grew up in Fryeburg and has been playing guitar since he was 14, strongly influenced by artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimmie Paige.
    Our drummer, Jill Olsen has been playing professionally for 43 years and is well known locally from years of performances with many bands. She lives happily in Madison with her husband and two children.
    Our lead singer Kelly Karuzis has been singing all her life, influenced by her mother who is also a singer. Kelly lives in Fryeburg with her husband and daughter and is the owner of Small Frye Academy.

When you put these four great talents together, you get a sound that is top notch and totally entertaining.

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