Hi. This is a very basic portal for me and my stuff. More might be up later, or might not. In order of sidebar appearance:

* blogs followed sometimes: list of blogs I don't follow regularly but will check from time to time.

* I like to dance, usually. There's even a page for it! I even put up some videos of people doing the different dances, and some descriptions from what I can gather from my experiences, the videos I can find, and my bad research.

* gameideas: Where I keep, creatively enough, game ideas I don't mind the internet seeing.

* I use MegaZeux. See http://www.digitalmzx.net for more information on that. If you're looking for the things I've helped do with the MegaZeux community in terms of quote and trope files, you should find the links on the right-hand side. The big one in MegaZeux for me was Ruin Diver III, particularly the latest Turbo Silver Edition. Enjoy. Warning: My game design philosophy in this appears to have been that a good game is like purgatory: Hard work, but always a light at the end of the tunnel.

* I like to think we can make an effort to replace modern swears with more old-fashioned words in an effort to elevate discourse and modify our inner lives as persons, and more adequately respect the dignity of others even when we disagree.

* I like roguelikes. If you don't know what those are you should click the sidebar link and find out. Specifically I should advertise Math: The Roguelike, or MathRL, which is a Roguelike I did in MegaZeux. Check it out here. If you want to find my other released stuff, head over to digitalmzx.net and look for KKairos in the vault. At the moment MathRL is the only thing I've made in MegaZeux that I really feel merits a page of its own.

* I'm a Christian working his salvation out in fear and trembling. Much of my framework for doing so is derived from the traditions most influential in my life (Methodist and now Catholic), though life experience factors in. I majored in Mathematics and Theology at the University of Portland. An odd combination, I know. Currently there's a page (pages, even) for theology, but not for math. Eventually I'll put up a page with a lame explanation of some cool stuff I know about Math.

* todolist is, appropriately enough a to-do list I'm trying to make for each day. So if you want to hold me accountable to my NYT reading, job apps or who I planned on hanging out with, knock yourselves out.

* listed in the theology main subpage, I do blog theologically at keyboardtheologians.blogspot.com, and (formerly) personally at sccos.blogspot.com