Project Definition


"Lives in Different Levels" is an universal hypothesis, which has fully illustrated the origin of our world. The comparisons between the Earth and the mother cell (the most basic unit of life) allow us to have a general idea on the true nature of lives. It can be best described as a new cosmology. The relationship between the God and humankind becomes much clear. Physical presence always come first. The elimination of religions is a natural course of history. To achieve this, we need to widen our horizons and rethink our position in the universe. The breakthroughs in neuroscience have disclosed the myths of consciousness. It allows me to put forward a new biological definition. Undoubtedly, the humankind is a part of the biosphere. In fact, the biosphere is the life cycles of this planet.


The Purpose (Mission)

  • A - To explore the true nature of lives
  • B - To let the public to understand our natural role
  • C - To eliminate all imaginations (religions must become heritages)

These are the targets we want to meet

  • A - To finish this hypothesis by the latest research findings
  • B - To be inspired through public discussions in the forums
  • C - To increase public awareness towards the worsening global environment through networking
  • D - To fully ulitize free internet resources for higher purposes 
  • E - To destroy all imaginations such as ghosts, undefined flying objects, space migration etc.



To complete the last stage of human civilizations. When the beings inside a planet finally realize our position in the universe (life cycles), this planet must have evolved for a long time and reached a high level of technology. Although death is an inevitable cause for every living thing, it is the first step and the only way to delay the time (to slow down the aging of the Earth).
Progresses of the world require our courage and passions. See My Vision

Measurable Objectives:

  • A - Number of people who are willing to tell the truth (make confessions) before they died
  • B - Number of times being mentioned on the internet (hot keywords in search engines)
  • C - Psychologists declare to abondon drugs in therapies. They can only use sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
    • No "Subjects" are equal. The validity of their experiments remains doubted. Meanwhile, the interconnections between the God (Conscious Earth) and humans are solid under my scientific hypothesis. The pharmaceutical companies have to decide between social responsibilities and profits. Their families may also suffer from "mental disorders" and the side effects of their medicine.


Project Constraints

  • A - Oppositions from the authorities (psychology and the teachings of the churches) and resentment (religious people)
  • B - People without courage to speak out
  • C - Many of us are still illiteracy. They are spreading rumours such as ghosts, UFOs etc.
  • D - Some lead a happy life and admire the God, but they forget the needy in the developing countries.
    • Their children will suffer if the public failed to realize our natural role.
    • Nobody will believe in them if they have changed their minds later, especially when something awful happened.
  • E - This research project covers a wide range of academic subjects. I guess nobody can be professionals in every academic subject. I will clarify every mistake ever made once I have spotted them. It is the faith in academia to admit the mistakes and make corrections. It will eventually make this scientific hypothesis perfect. I hope "Lives in Different Levels" will become a theory in the end. In another word, it is the final truth of the world. The most important thing is that everyone can find it through the search engines.