IFLS210-01 News English
  • The final exam is available. Feel free to email me any questions you have regarding the final.
  • Feel free to use Free Sound Recorder (or any freeware available online) for the recording portions of Assg9 and Assg10.
  • Unless you hear from me otherwise, we will meet in our usual classroom (Management Annex 205) on R., 04/24/08 and onward.
  • A technical error with Google Page Creator has wiped out the schedule. Although only the schedule for the second half of the semester has been restored, the URLs of the handouts remain fully functional.

Course Syllabus




05/01    Education

05/06-15    Democratic debate

05/20-27    GOP debate

05/29    The Korean Cinema

06/03    Modern classics I: JFK & MLK

06/05    Modern classics II: Malcom X

06/10-12    Modern classics III: Barack Obama

06/14 (noon)  Final exam due