InfoBoard for IPad coming soon to the app store

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:16 by Kevin Johnston   [ updated 17 Jul 2010, 08:59 ]
The idea for InfoBoard started out thinking about providing a message board similar to those used in many sports to indicate the time left in a game, who is to be substituted and how long is left in the game. This has been achieved with this first version but we also found that the unique features of the iPad and the simple interface in InfoPad appeals to children too as they love typing and seeing the large letters and numbers on the great display.

Features in V1.0

Message Display
- Simple and easy to use display allowing any text or numbers to be entered and displayed in a large bold font.
- Ability to set the color using the red, green and blue sliders.
- touch the screen and all the toolbars smoothly disappear/appear.

Countdown/Timer Display
- Set the duration for the timer by touching above/below the hours, minutes and seconds.
- View settings in portrait mode
- Full screen timer in landscape mode
- Ability to set the color using the red, green and blue sliders.
- SportMode allowing the timer to countdown in minutes and seconds.
- Audible alert when timer reaches 00:00:00

Example uses:
- Simple Information board for venues
- Signal for substitutions in team sports such as football/soccer/rugby etc..
- Educational, children love typing and seeing numbers and letters on the displays.
- Timer in the kitchen to help when cooking.

This is version one of the app so please send us any feedback for improvements and additional features you would love to see and we will endeavour to make this an app for you.

Thank you for buying InfoBoard hope you find many more uses for it.