We study ecosystem dynamics in space and time by integrating field measurements, laboratory experiments, satellite observations, and simulation modeling. Our work focuses on incorporating uncertainty and spatial patterns created by disturbance in landscape modeling to improve prediction of ecosystem response to disturbance (natural and anthropogenic) and global change.


Two Ph.D. positions are available in the Naithani Lab, starting Fall 2015/Spring 2016. The successful candidates will develop their Ph.D. projects combining field and modeling approaches to explore the spatio-temporal dynamics of biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. The Ph.D. position will be embedded in the research theme of the Naithani Lab but the focus of their chosen project is flexible.

Research in the Naithani Lab focuses on three complementary themes: (1) understanding spatio-temporal dynamics of ecosystem structure and function, 2) upscaling carbon and water fluxes from plants to landscape, and 3) understanding and modeling the influence of disturbance and global change on socio-ecological systems. All current and past projects combine field and modeling approaches. For more details, visit the research project page. 

Applicants must hold a Master degree or equivalent (e.g. a published paper) with strong oral and written communication skills in English. Competitive funding opportunities, Distinguished Doctoral Fellows (DDFs) and Doctoral Academy Fellows (DAFs), are available for exceptional students that will supplement the standard graduate stipend. The DDFs have a salary range of $35,000-$40,000 for a 12-month stipend, and the DAFs have a range of $25,000-$30,000 for a 12-month stipend.  Requirements for DAFs and DDFs are as follows:

DAFs: GRE =>302 with =>4 on writing score; Strong letters of recommendation.

DDFs: GRE =>308 with =>4.5 on writing score; Strong letters of recommendation.

Currently, I am only considering applications that meet the funding criteria for DAFs and DDFs. You may apply online or complete an application for admission form to the Graduate School.  Please visit join the lab page for information about my mentoring philosophy. Email <kusum@uark.edu> me for additional questions.

Please visit Join the Lab and News for more information.


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