Research in the Naithani lab focuses on three complementary themes: (1) understanding spatio-temporal dynamics of ecosystem structure and function, 2) upscaling carbon and water fluxes from plants to landscape, and 3) understanding and modeling the influence of disturbance and global change on socio-ecological systems. All current and past projects combine field and modeling approaches.

Recent Publications

Baldwin D., Naithani K. J. & Lin H. (2017) Combined soil-terrain stratification for characterizing catchment-scale soil moisture variation. Geoderma, 285: 260–269.

Smithwick E. A. H., Baldwin D. & Naithani K. J. (2016) Grassland productivity in response to nutrient additions and herbivory is scale-dependent. PeerJ 4:e2745

Moon J. B., Wardrop D. H., Bruns M. A. V., Miller R. M., and Naithani K. J. (2016) Land-use and land-cover effects on soil microbial community abundance and composition in headwater riparian wetlands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 97: 215–233.


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  • Jackson successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!
  • Jackson received the Louise Russert-Kraemer Endowed in Biological Sciences scholarship. Congratulations!
  • Kusum received Robert C. and Sandra Connor Endowed Faculty Fellowship Award.
  • Jackson and Kusum received Honors College Research Grant to study rice genotypes. Read more about the project here
  • Kusum presented rice project work at the Plant and Animal Genome meeting in SanDiego.
  • JB, Jackson, Maddy, and Kusum are presenting at the fall meeting of AGU.
  • The Monarch Butterfly Habitat Restoration Project is featured in Arkansas Newswire
  • Maddy received REU Travel Grant. Congratulations!
  • Jackson received Honors College Travel Grant. Congratulations!