We bring colloidal materials to life! 

Big News: The Group has moved to Columbia University.

Group News

Mar 29 - Allan Brooks receives the NSF Graduate Fellowship for his work on shape-directed active colloids.  Congratulations to Allan!!!

Mar 29 - 
Kyle Bishop visits the Chemical Engineering department at Case-Western Reserve; thank you to all the Case faculty for a great visit.

Feb 18 -
Kyle Bishop visits the new department of Applied Physical Sciences at UNC in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC to speak on 'life-like' materials at the MRS seminar.

Oct 28 - Syeda 
Sabrina's paper on actively rotating fluids is featured on the front cover of Soft Matter! 

Oct 23 -
Time to Make-It! DARPA will fund our proposed effort on an "Automated System for Knowledge-based Continuous Organic Synthesis (ASKCOS)" led by Klavs Jensen and company at MIT. 

Oct 6 - The group welcomes two new graduate students, Yong Dou and Yang Gu

Sep 29 -
 Charles Cartier wins the "Best Presentation Award" at the department's annual research symposium for his presentation on contact charge electrophoresis for droplet microfluidics ; Allan Brooks wins the "Best Candidacy Award" for his presentation on actively rotating colloids. 

Sep 22 -
 Kyle Bishop is appointed the Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professorship in Engineering. 

Aug 28 -
 Sabrina publishes her first, first-author paper titled Coarsening dynamics of binary liquids with active rotation iSoft Matter; congratulations, Sabrina! 

Jul 23 -
 Haera and Hee-Young's latest paper titled Amphiphilic Nanoparticles Control the Growth and Stability of Lipid Bilayers with Open Edges is published in Angewandte Chemie. 

Jul 21 -
Congratulations to Haera Shin, who successfully defended her PhD thesis titled Adaptive nanoparticle amphiphiles as multifunctional particle surfactants!!!

Apr 29 -
The Center for Bioinspired Energy Science (CBES) launches its new website; check it out to learn more on the latest science from this DOE-sponsored Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC).

Apr 20 -
Aaron's paper on contact charge electrophoresis is featured in a press release on separationsNow.com

Mar 23
- ACS launches a new journal called ACS Central Science; see the First Reaction by Kyle Bishop on a paper from Alivisatos et al. in the inaugural issue.

Mar 18 -
A new paper on contact charge electrophoresis by Aaron Drews and Charles Cartier is published in Langmuir.

Dec 17 -
Check out our Commentary on Programmable Self-assembly with Ludovico Cademartiri in the Nature Materials focus issue on Colloidal Matter.

Oct 21
 - The group welcomes two new graduate students, Allan Brooks and Shashank Pandey. Allan will be studying the collective dynamics of colloidal materials with active rotation; Shashank will develop new simulation tools for the predictive modeling of contact-charge electrophoresis.

Sep 17
 - Hee-Young Lee's and Haera Shin's paper Self-assembly of nanoparticle amphiphiles with adaptive surface chemistry is published in ACS Nano.

Aug 31
 - The group welcomes it's newest member Wenjie Fei!  Wenjie is a graduate student in Chemical Engineering and will be working in the area of nanoparticle amphiphiles.

Aug 29 - Charles Cartier published his first paper titled Microfluidic mixing of nonpolar liquids by contact charge electrophoresis in Lab on a Chip.

Jun 11
- Aaron Drews successfully defends his PhD dissertation titled Ratcheted Contact Charge Electrophoresis. Congratulations to Aaron and best of luck at UCSD!!

Dec 11 - Kyle Bishop receives the NSF CAREER Award for his work titled "Contact Charge Electrophoresis for Mobile Microfluidics".

Oct 17 - Aaron's paper Ratcheted electrophoresis for rapid particle transport is selected as a HOT article in Lab on a Chip.