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Group News

Mar 5 - Ghanim Hableel is awarded a Summer Research Scholarship sponsored by the The Société de Chimie Industrielle to investigate CCEP-powered colloidal motors.  Congrats, Ghanim!

Nov 22 -  
Yong, Shashank, and Charles describe a new strategy for to directing CCEP motions in their paper Emergence of traveling waves in linear arrays of electromechanical oscillators just published in Communcations Physics. So many exciting possibilities when CCEP motors work together! 

Sep 20 - Yang's paper Measurement and mitigation of free convection in microfluidic gradient generators was published in Lab on a Chip. Congratulations, Yang!

Jun 11 - Wenjie, Yong, Shashank, and Yang give four great presentations at the ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium at Penn State.

Jun 5 -
The group's review of CCEP was featured on the cover of Langmuir.

May 2 -
Wenjie's paper Magneto-capillary dynamics of amphiphilic Janus particles at curved liquid interfaces was published in Soft Matter. Congratulations, Wenjie!

Mar 16 - Sabrina's
paper Shape-directed microspinners powered by ultrasound was published in ACS Nano

Jan 22 - Allan's
first paper Shape-directed dynamics of active colloids powered by induce charge electrophoresis was published in PNAS. Congratulations, Allan!

Jan 19 - Our Invited Feature Article on contact charge electrophoresis appeared in Langmuir. Check it out to learn more about the group's work on this versitile strategy for powering colloidal machines.

Jan 12 -
The 8th Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop (NCS8) at Columbia University, organized by Kyle Bishop and Karen Kasza, was a big success.  Thank you to all of the participants!

Jan 1 -
 Happy New Year 2018!

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