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Group News

Mar 12 - Kyle Bishop presents a lecture at the DPOLY Short Course on Polymer Colloids at the APS March Meeting in New Orleans, LA.  Thanks to Rod Priestley and Bob Prud'homme for organizing! 

Mar 2
 - Charles Cartier successfully defends his dissertation titled "Contact Charge Electrophoresis: an Electrostatic Motor for Microfluidics and Active Matter Systems"; congratulations Charles!

Feb 21 - Kyle Bishop presents a talk at the Bio-inspired Nanomaterials Symposium at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) just up town from Columbia.

Feb 15 - The group welcomes Bonnie Hu! Bonnie is an undergraduate student working with Yong on shape-directed dyanmics of particles powered by contact charge electrophoresis.

Feb 8 - Charles Cartier was recognized as a "terrific motivational student speaker" at the Penn State College of Engineering annual recruiting event; Charles spoke about life and research at Penn State.

Feb 1 - Kyle Bishop is enjoying the first Gordon Research Conference on Complex Active & Adaptive Material Systems in Ventura, CA.

Jan 25 - Shashank Pandey completes a one week, intensive Data Science Bootcamp hosted the Columbia Data Science Institute; he recommends you check it out.

Jan 18 - Syeda Sabrina accepts a position at Intel in the lithography group.  Congratulations, Sabrina!!!
Jan 13 - Kyle Bishop presents a talk at the 6th Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop
hosted by the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Jan 1 - Happy New Year 2017!

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