Mole Project

Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.
he projects are graded based on creativity and originality. I have seen many excellent ideas every year and hear about many others through the letters which I receive. Here are some project  ideas that I have seen or used in the past. 

 Below is the possible list of projects you may use:
Molympics An Olympic competition which may consist of any Mole-related events such as:  Pin the Nose on the Mole, Javelin Throw, and the 6.02 Relay
  • Mole-opoly - create your own special game board
  • Create a "Moletin Board" - post important events relating to Mole Day Activities
  • Host a Mole Pun Contest
  • Write a Mole Day song - be original
  • Make Mole Day "campaign signs" - like you do for class president, student council, etc.
  • Notify your local media as to your Mole Day festivities - invite the local papers to come and take part in the activities of the day.  Also contact local radio and television stations about what you are doing. Encourage your local community to be part of your school activity.
  • Exchange Mole Day greeting cards - Send Mole Day greetings to chemistry students in a different school, or even in a different state.
  • Mole costume party - Who can make the best mole outfit?
  • Decorate with Mole-biles - Hang them form the ceiling of various classrooms.  Create interest for future years.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Create a list of household items but use chemistry terms for the items you want.  Such as: Something that contains NaHCO3
  • Write a Mole Day poem, story, or cartoon 
  • Make a Mole Day flag - Run it up the school flag pole on Mole Day.  (Make sure you have permission first!)
  • Make a mole pinata or a stuffed mole
  • Make Mole Day treats: Moleasses cookies, Avogadro Dip, or Taco-mole sauce