Kenneth J. Halliwell

222 S. Virginialee Road  

Columbus, OH 43209



SYNOPSIS (Retired in 2001)

A well-educated, experienced and dedicated technical-professional with contemporary technical and management knowledge and skills.  One who excels in technical or project management-oriented positions that involve information systems and electronic technology; and promote a work environment that values timely and cost-effective service, team-derived objectives, clear written and oral communication, modern technical and administrative methods, and leadership-by-example. 

General Management: Organization design and development, financial forecasts and budgets, job descriptions, staff development, performance objectives and reviews, salary administration, written correspondence, and oral presentations.


Project Management: Cost-benefit analysis; and task identification, planning and monitoring via computer assisted methods using PERT, CPM and Gantt (timeline) charts.


Quality Assurance: Sampling and statistical analysis techniques, and process control and quality performance assessment via statistical methods.


Computer Systems: MS-Windows and Unix computer operating systems; C, C++, Delphi (Object Pascal), various "scripting" languages; popular MS-Windows word-processors and spreadsheets; SQL in a client-server, relational database (InterBase) environment; and internet/web technology.


Telecommunications: Wire and wireless digital and analog transmission systems; LAN's and WAN's, OSI model and TCP/IP.

                                       Radio Telephone First Class with Ship Radar Endorsement (1967 - 1987)
                                       Radio Telegraph Second Class (1971 to 1996)
                                       Amateur Radio Extra Class (WA8FCI) [license]



Information Systems Senior Engineer/Team-Leader  1998 - 2001

Lucent Technologies Corporation, Network Wireless Systems, Columbus, OH

· Directed an international (USA, Germany, Brazil and China) technical team, in conjunction with external consultants, in support of the technical design and implementation of a global supply-chain automation and e-commerce (B2B) project.

· Performed common technical project management tasks: e.g., task assignment, meeting facilitation, oral and written presentations, schedule and resource conflict resolution, status reports and inter-organizational liaison.

· Designed and developed software, with Delphi (Object Pascal), to perform and chart data transfer rate and propagation delay analysis of HTTP transactions on the corporation's WAN.

· Mentored team members and project management staff on technical matters.

Quality Systems Senior Engineer/Programmer  1992 - 1998

Lucent Technologies Corporation, Network Wireless Systems, Columbus, OH

· Designed, developed, implemented and maintained various Quality Information Systems, using client-server technology, to support the Quality organization's endeavors at the Columbus wireless base-station equipment manufacturing plant.

· Researched and provided written reports recommending hardware and software architecture.

· Designed relational database information systems containing over 50 complexly related tables.

· Designed and developed MS-Windows user interfaces and associated program logic.

· Researched, designed and developed a Bayesian statistical data processing algorithm based on ideas presented in an AT&T technical paper on the QMP (Quality Measurement Plan) methodology by Dr. A. B. Hoadley.

· Designed and wrote over 100,000 lines of computer program logic with Progress 4gl, C and Delphi (Object Pascal) programming languages.

· Mentored computer programming team members.

Information Systems Senior Engineer/Manager  1987 - 1992

AT&T Corporation, Computer Systems Service, WoodDale, IL

· Managed multi-million dollar budget; 15 technical-professionals; and many successful projects for computer operations, technical and business systems computer programming, and nationwide data systems access security administration.

· Established and annexed facilities for DEC VAX-11/780 and AT&T 3b15 minicomputers, remote channel-connected IBM-3800 printer and job-control terminals, associated data and voice telecommunications, and network control help-desk.

· Provided AT&T System-75 private telephone exchange; nationwide data communications network using X.25, multi-point private-lines, and dial-up lines; IBM-MVS and Unix computer operation; and C and Informix 4gl computer programs.

· Performed technical consultation to support Sales and Account Management departments in design and implementation of billing data management systems.

· Reduced initial annual three million dollar operation cost to one million by productivity improvements and subsequent workforce reduction.

· Maintained and verified high-level client satisfaction through personal interviews and Quality Feedback Surveys.

· Planned and managed rapid, orderly and on-schedule site shutdown to accommodate a massive business reorganization and site closure.

Technical Support Senior Engineer/Manager  1978 - 1987

Teletype Corporation, Product Service, Elk Grove, IL

· Conceptualized, developed and managed the Product Service Technical Support division.

· Managed multi-million dollar budget; 32 technical-professionals in three departments; and projects for DEC PDP-11/44 and 11/70 minicomputer operations and programming; test and repair methods engineering, and technical training.

· Provided automated technical information systems, nationwide data communications network, electronic circuit board repair systems, remotely accessed data terminal and communications equipment functional test systems, and product installation repair training.

· Performed original system analysis and data entity-to-attribute relational design that led to a corporate-wide automated service management data system.

· Represented Product Service on Marketing's new-product introduction committee; and provided comprehensive project management and planning for all service related preparation activities.

· Performed highly successful, short-term (on-site for several weeks) technical support missions for the U.S. State Department in Singapore and Thailand, and other major customers in Great Britain and Italy.

· Earned Teletype's Engineering Excellence award in 1981.

Field Service Engineer  1976 - 1978

Teletype Corporation, Product Service, Cleveland, OH

· Performed hundreds of failure analysis and component-level repairs on complex analog and digital electronic circuits cards.

· Analyzed and corrected data communication equipment and systems failures, and related problems at scores of customer sites.

· Assisted Service Center Manager by developing improved work scheduling, and shipping and receiving procedures that were later implemented organization-wide.


U.S. Navy, Naval Security Group, Homestead, FL & Wahiawa, HI

· Planned, supervised, and performed diverse data, telephony and cryptographic equipment (wire and wireless) and systems installation, maintenance and repair.

· Operated and maintained two AN/FRT-39A radio transmitters (10 KW, frequency synthesized, HF and ISB) for five months.

· Granted TOP SECRET (TS/SI) security clearance.

· Earned rating of Petty Officer First Class (paygrade E6) under four years.  

· Granted Honorable discharge.

Broadcast Radio Engineer  1967 - 1968

Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting Company, Elyria, OH

· Operated and maintained two radio transmitters for a one KW, AM station (WEOL); and a 50 KW-ERP, FM, frequency-multiplexed, stereo station (WBEA).

· Worked part-time while attending Lorain County Community College.


Master of Science (GPA 3.7/4.0) 1991

Computer Science with Telecommunication Technology emphasis 

Adjunct courses: Accounting, Economics and Financial Management

DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Transcript (GPA 3.7/4.0) 1989

Business Law and Computer Science topics

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Bachelor of Science (GPA 3.7/4.0) 1975

Industrial Technology with Management Science emphasis  

Kent State University, Kent, OH

Certificate (GPA 3.8/4.0) 1972 

Television Systems Engineering (via correspondence course)

Capitol Radio Engineering Institute, Washington, D.C.

Certificate (GPA 85/100) 1969

KY3 Telephony Encipher/Decipher (ciphony) Technology & Maintenance  

U.S. Navy Cryptographic Repair School, Portsmouth, VA

Certificate (GPA 94/100) 1969

Electronic Technology with Telecommunications Systems & Equipment emphasis 

U.S. Navy Electronic Technician School, Great Lakes, IL

Associate in Applied Science (GPA 3.7/4.0) 1968

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Lorain County Community College, Lorain, OH