I am so proud of all of our instrument designers!


Musical Instrument Pictures



In physical science, your child has been learning about sound energy.  We have discussed and conducted experiments to show that vibrating objects produce  sound and that  the  pitch of sound varies by changing the rate of vibration, too.

  For your child’s first science project, I am asking each child to be an instrument designer.  He/she is to invent a new musical instrument that makes sound by striking, plucking, or blowing.  I have attached a sheet where he/she is to draw a picture of their musical instrument and label its parts.  If they need more room and would like to draw larger, have your child attach their picture to the back of the “Design an Instrument” sheet.  I would also like  them to write directions for making their instrument.  This can either be typed or written in their personal best hand writing.  Please make sure to include the materials used to construct your instrument.