Great Websites for Third Graders






Animal Research:  Here you will find a hot list of zoo animal websites.

Zoo Animal Links


The Solar System: This is an awesome, information-packed website with photos, diagrams, and descriptions of the nine planets in our solar system.


The Human Body: Here students can play games, view posters, and watch movies about the human body.


Water: At this site, students will learn how the special properties of water allow life on the water planet—Earth.  There are games to play and movies and pictures to see.


Structures of Life: Learn about seeds and fruits. Get to know crayfish, their structures and behaviors. In the activity section, test your knowledge of life cycles.


Plants: This is an awesome website that introduces students to a plant's structure, life cycle, and parts.



AAA Math: Hundreds of pages of basic math skills, interactive practice on every page, an explanation of the math topic on each page, and several challenge games on every page.


Kids Bank:  Guided by Penny, Dollar Bill, Interest Ray, and Checks, students will learn about money, savings, interest, checking, and electronic banking in this very interactive site.  There are quizzes and games that help students review what they learn during the tours.


Math Baseball: This game provides students with a fun way to practice basic facts.


Basic Facts Practice: Students can practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts while taking timed or un-timed tests.  Students can choose a maximum value, a specific number of problems to be solved, and a time limit in which they can try complete the test.;jsessionid=8A4718E71CF5A7D3E7EFD601F724E24A?grade=3

READING GRAPHS--Learn to read simple to more difficult graphs on this site.


Multiplication Practice: At this site, students can practice their basic facts and play multiplication games.



FUNSCHOOL--Can you spot the misspelled words?  Click on this site and see! 



Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary--This isn't for babies either!! The amount of information on 

the site just "boggles the mind"!!!!



Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World


Children's Favorite Authors: This is a comprehensive "hot list" of links that will take students to the websites of their favorite authors.


Social Studies/Current Events

Country Websites: This site will be used to research the countries of our ancestors for the International Festival.


Time for Kids: This website is an outstanding resource for kid-friendly news stories.  It is great practice for

reading non-fiction text,  and it provides lots of extra activities for students to complete after their reading.



FunBrain: This website provides students with educational games to practice skills across the curriculum.


GameGoo: This is an interactive website in whch students can practice grammar and word skills through educational games.


Check back for new websites soon!