JTAG tools for Atmels' SAM7S series of

ARM7 microcontrollers


Release history

  • 28/2-2011   New versions of all tools (flash programmer 1.13, gdb server 1.06). Added flash programmer support for the smallest SAM7 devices. Several small improvements in all tools.
  • 11/3-2008   Fixed Lock Bit programming in flash programmer (1.12). New .ini file.
  • 4/9-2007   Minor bugfix in flash programmer (1.11).  gdb server now supports debugging code in ram, software breakpoints and Thumb mode debugging (1.05).
  • 18/10-2006   Cosmetic changes of flash programmer (1.10). gdb server now also connects over a network, improved TCP/IP handling (1.04).
  • 23/8-2006   Command-line version of flash programmer (1.09). Improved TCP/IP connection handling in gdb server (1.03).
  • 11/8-2006   Added support for USB JTAG adapter. Release 1.08 of programmer, 1.02 of gdb server.
  • 28/6-2006   First release of gdb server (1.01), release 1.07 of flash programmer.
  • 14/5-2006   First release of flash programmer (1.06).


JTAG Flash programmer

The flashprogrammer is available in both Win32 and Linux versions. Connection to target is via the parallel port using a wiggler compatible adapter or with a USB adapter (see below). The download package contains instructions for making your own wiggler compatible adapter or a USB adapter.

Flash programming speed with USB adapter:  18 kB/sec

 Download :

Win32 GUI version  filesize:   3.934.084 md5-sum:  6a5509fce0767e566dc4efebd2b50b49

Win32 Cmd-line version filesize: 3.933.925  md5-sum: 08fd44c71e713c5f18c980375caa63ba

Linux version    filesize:  5.365.004  md5-sum: cda81eeac7dd4fe02d026ee6e61b4bb0

For the win32 version you need a port I/O device driver, download here.


gdb RSP server

Makes you able to debug with gdb, Eclipse, Insight etc. Connects to target in the same way as the flash programmer.

Code download speed with wiggler: 16 kB/sec normal mode, 24 kB/sec fast mode

Code download speed with USB adapter: 60 kB/sec normal mode, 80 kB/sec fast mode

Download :

Win32 version  filesize:   3.975.041  md5-sum: 060446fea79b80a725ecf7c4fd0eb7b9

Linux version    filesize:   5.624.103  md5-sum:  77e2c32aa05f651f2bbc2821875f9b8b


JTAG USB Adapter

The USB-Adapter is based on Olimex SAM7-H64 (or H256) development board hardware (currently available for 25.95, check http://www.olimex.com/ ).

Software for adapter (new version, required for latest gdbserver version):

 usbadapter.s19  filesize:   53.560  md5-sum:  26225cb6bb524765d5ed9a6f393fe2a5

Devicedriver for Win32 (libusb):

usbadapterdrv.zip  filesize:   69.280  md5-sum:  7a30b408f6e03b3a785885e37472842b

Use this applet for upgrading the USB adapter software:

Win32 version  filesize:   3.485.123  md5-sum:  85a7886fbbda43544e0af7f662f7a006

Linux version    filesize:   4.920.023  md5-sum:  6bacce25d69d1b3f5ae4775d1e3a8085

Download the programmer or the gdbserver and check the documentation for further instructions on how to use the USB Adapter.