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Pop! Pop!'s Crappy Bird Source Code

If somehow you've missed Flappy Bird and what it's been doing, just check out the App Store and look at the top free apps. Although Flappy Bird was removed for unknown reasons (the creator said that the fame was too much to take even though the app was bringing in supposedly $50,000 per day), as of mid February 2014, 4/5 of the top 5 free apps are Flappy Bird rip offs.

What makes the game so addicting? Is it the simplicity? The cute bird? The retro Nintendo graphics (or pipes that may have been just copied and pasted)? We aren't quite sure, but whatever it is, us small developers need to jump on it now while it's still hot.

You see, it isn't very often that a super simple game like this becomes as popular as it has for so long. It's been over a month now of Flappy Bird (and its copies) being at the top of the charts in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This source code will make you a LOT of money! And guess what? No developer needed! Anyone can reskin this app!

Here are the benefits of using this code instead of other alternatives:

1. Universal iOS code. This means that you create your app once, and it is fully able to upload to both iPhone and iPad App Stores. Everything scales accordingly and works flawlessly!
2. Built using SpriteKit and UIKit so you don't need to worry about all the little hassles that are incorporated into updating software, installing other 3rd party programs, and or even creating Atlases or Sprite Sheets. No more Box2D, Tiled, or TexturePacker. Yes, no need to buy any 3rd party programs like you may have to if the source code you are buying uses Atlases!
3. All the code you really need to work with is in one file called Reskin.m. Anyone, even if you have barely touched code before, can reskin this app with hiring a developer. We made this SUPER easy to reskin. So easy that every single variable that you need to change has about a paragraph describing what that variable does and what you need to change with it to get the results you want.
4. Create an unlimited number of backgrounds and all you need to do is change the name of the background. Want to use 1 background? That's fine. Want to use 20? That's fine too! Each time you die, the background will fade from one to another!
5. All images are resized in the app, so you as a developer do NOT need to create multiple sizes of images, create texture atlases, or worry about using the correct image for the correct type of device.
6. Change font types and sizes in a single line of code in Reskin.m
7. Alter flap strength using a single number in Reskin.m
8. Use as many, or as few of animation images for the bird itself, all self explanatory in Reskin.m
9. Set the amount of seconds per frame of animation using one number in Reskin.m. All animations in the game will update according to this so everything is in sync by just changing this one number.
10. Uses 4 Ad Networks that are super easy to implement: Admob and iAd for banners. AppLovin' for interstitials (full screen ads). Chartboost for interstitials and a More Games button. Get rich just off of ads!
11. Reskin.m has detailed information on adding each adnetwork as well as version numbers for their APIs. That way, if for some reason your code doesn't compile, you can check the adnetwork API versions that have been uploaded and check if there are any SDK/API updates that need to be made.
12. Has a Remove Ads in-app purchase available along with restore button. Once you set up the app in iTunes Connect and add your in-app purchase, the app will get the user's Locale and translate the cost of your in-app purchase into their form of currency. So if your in-app purchase costs $0.99 USD, and the user who downloads this app is from Canada, this amount will be translated into Canadian dollars!
13. Realistic Physics.
14. Game Center enabled with a leaderboard so players can compete for high scores.
15. Enable/Disable any many, or as few of LocalNotifications to display to the user (along with the sound that gets played) when however many hours you want after the user closes the app. This serves as a reminder to play your game! All this can be altered in about 4 lines of code in Reskin.m, even to play the notification silently, or not at all.
16. Want your game to not kill the bird the moment it touches an obstacle, but instead, when it gets pushed off of the screen? Change this in 1 line of code in Reskin.m.
17. Camera Mode which will snap a photo of the user using their front camera when they die. This picture will be quickly translated into a JPG and cropped so that it will be added to a list of possible obstacles (up to 50 camera obstacles can be created before old ones get discarded and new ones take over). This means that if camera mode is on, Each time a player plays the game, the level will be different and have new obstacles that it didn't have before. Enable or Disable this feature in 1 line of code in Reskin.m
18. If Camera Mode in enabled, the user can toggle this on or off. When on, the camera will take pictures of them when they die. If off, the game should run a bit smoother and no photos will be taken. If you decide to disable Camera Mode, the button won't even show up and the main menu screen will be reformatted accordingly.
19. Add a limitless number of obstacles created by yourself all by adding one line of code in Reskin.m (and of course adding the image file to the project).
20. Have a limitless number of randomly played sound files whenever a user dies. The current code makes fun of them when they die, but you could make it say Congratulations, or HAHAHAHA or even just a smashing sound.
21. Source Effects & Music code already enabled so that  when a user wants to toggle it on/off, it will. Also, Music will play whenever the user isn't in the main menu if the Music is toggled to on. Change the music file (looping) in one line of code in Reskin.m.

Most importantly, we will be constantly updating this code, and you will get access to free updates for life.

Documentation Included

Each source code that is sold includes documentation so that you can develop your own reskin with minimal fuss. Get all the info you need to create a reskin:
- Creating a New App in iTunes Connect
- Setting up Ad Networks in full detail along with what keys you will need, where to paste them, and how to update the SDK if you need to.
- Setting up Game Center in iTunes Connect
- Setting up in-App Purchases in iTunes Connect
- Tips on creating your own screenshots and icons if you decide to do the artwork yourself

Note that a lot of this information will be in the Reskin.m file that you will be editing, but a word document will be included with your purchase.

You will also get free email support with this purchase so that if anything doesn't make sense to you, we can right down to the problem and fix it!

How Much?

You can buy the unlimited license for $99.99, meaning you will be able to reskin this app as many times as you want!

This is a new code and is going to be a hot item. I got a feeling Flappy Bird apps will be a bit hit for a long time

As always, if you have questions, list them below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Check back often for new comments and answers!

Send us an email if you would like access to this source code:

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If you would like a full design done for you by our design team, purchase the code, then visit
Angela’s App Services by clicking this link.