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Source Code... What is it and why do I want it?

If you're interested in making money, but don't have the time or expertise of building apps, source code may be your best bet when it comes to turning a profit. So what is source code?

Source code is code that has been written so that it doesn't need to be rewritten again by another person. Source code simplifies the lives of programmers and business owners who want to get their product launched ASAP.

All of our source code is created with Reskinning in mind. Reskinning is the idea that you can take the source code from an app, and use all of the same mechanics, but choose a different theme. So a snowboarding game could easily be made into a surfing game with a few different graphics. A week later, you could reskin it again and make a penguin sliding game. Again and again, you could keep making reskins... each one bringing in PASSIVE INCOME.

As someone who doesn't know how to code themselves, they could be very lucrative, even if you don't hire a programmer. If you do hire one, or know how to program yourself, you could update these source codes to include even more features.

Creating your own code can take weeks or months, hundreds, if not thousand of dollars. But with our source codes, this is not necessary anymore.

What makes your source code so good?

For the past few months, developers have been selling their source code on sites like Some sell it as actually buying the actual app from the App Store, along with all the profits and maintain the source code themselves.

Others, like us at Pop! Pop! created source code as a template for others to reskin. Not only is this cheaper, but it makes high quality source code available to just about anyone, even if you don't know how to program.

We've purchased a few source codes out there and realized that other developers were doing a so-so job with their code. Some code was archaic and difficult for any developer to cypher through. Reskinning apps like those became tedious, and cost extra for a developer. Our apps don't have extra resizing issues for images and you don't need to purchase any other third party software. In other words, there are no extra hidden costs!

We have created complete detailed instructions on setting up Ad Networks, working with Apple/iTunes Connect, creating beautiful icons, and of course, customizing the app using a single code file. Yes, you heard it! You will no longer need to search through tons of arbitrary code to find out how to update something that SHOULD be included in a reskin.

All source codes come in a zip file with a very easy to understand file system. All that you will need to do for coding is edit a few variables in a single file called Reskin.m. Each variable has about a paragraph (if not more) of explanation of what it does, and how to edit it in a way that does what you want it to do.

A complete instructional PDF is also uploaded with each source code with fully detailed instructions on how to integrate everything that is included. Details on Ad Networks, setting up Leaderboards for Game Center, and even arranged in a way that makes the most sense for creation of a new app. (Other source code we've purchased has typically been a jumble of generic instructions, implying you know what order to do things in, and like you have already created apps of this quality before).

Our codes were created assuming that our buyers have installed XCode and created an Apple Developer Account... That's It! Amazing quality source code that ANYONE can turn into a great app.

I've never created an App Before, is Source Code for me?

Yes! Not only will source code get you your first app out quickly and start raking in the money via Ads & in-App Purchases, but it can be a great teaching tool for learning how to code if you are so inclined.

All that really needs to be done for the app itself is updating all of the artwork, changing the sound files, and editing Reskin.m within XCode. Not good at artwork? Hire a friend or someone from for $4/hour.

Best of all, if you get stuck, we're here to help you! Just send us an email and we'll respond as soon as we can!

So far, we've uploaded one source code up. More coming soon! Tap the icon to see details!

iOS: Crappy Bird
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