Keyboard Privacy Policy

Thank you for downloading one of our iOS Keyboard Extension Apps. The following information includes all of our keyboard apps include, but not limited to Calculator Keyboard, One Handed Keyboard, and Keyboard RPG (though these are shortened names of the official names, they refer to these products). Due to the sensitive nature of a keyboard, it is important to have a privacy policy in writing to reassure our users that using our product is safe.

By using Calculator Keyboard (aka CalcKey), or any of our Keyboard Apps, you understand that it can be used in apps other than our own. Because of this, be sure to be careful in what you submit, as anything written and submitted to a forum or website using our keyboard is subject to the same liabilities as using any other normal keyboard. As such, all the common sense rules still stand (such as not giving your password away to unknown people).

Also note that our apps and keyboards will never save user input anywhere without your knowledge. (ie if you highlight, copy, and paste from one place to another, it is technically saved somewhere, but nothing goes on in the background with us saving it).

In order to best use our keyboard, please look over text before submitting it. Because the characters are in a different order than standard keyboards, text may not show up properly as you might expect until you become comfortable using the keyboard.

We hope that this privacy policy has met your standards. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us. We would love to hear from you.

Kjell Connelly 12/5/14