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Quick HOTS Trainer Support

If you've come to this page, you may be having trouble using our app now for macOS and Windows 10.

How to Use

Choose your settings at the top of the app. 

Champion: The character you want to practice with.
Phase: Different actions have different relevance during different phases of the game. Choose a Phase you want to work on.
Strategy: Now choose a strategy you want to work on. When you are actually playing Heroes of the Storm, it is up to you to choose when to use and apply different strategies.
Action: Sometimes different strategies have different ways of accomplishing them. Sometimes just one way. Choose the action you want to practice.


Each action has a set of keystrokes. If you want to practice them, click the 'Begin Practice' Button. When this is activated, you can practice typing the different keystroke actions. When you type in them in the correct order, the textbox at the bottom of the screen will start marking them off. A checkmark at the end of each line is there to tell you that you completed the sequence.


While each action has a set of hotkeys, you may notice that the hotkeys are different when you play Heroes of the Storm. If this is an issue, either you can practice the keystrokes without feedback from the app (just alter the buttons in your mind before practicing), or wait for an update. Because this app works for us using the default HOTS keys, we are in no rush to make an update that lets you alter the keystrokes. But if this is an issue, you can nudge us by sending us an email.

Why Use This App

You may wonder why you would pay for and use this app instead of just googling strategies. Although this may work, here are the benefits you get by using this app:

1) Strategies are well thought through, sometimes showing ones you wouldn't think of yourself. Or sometimes even strategies that you won't find in other online guides.
2) Strategies and actions are more than just an explanation of what to do. They are a streamlined set of keystroke instructions, along with explanations. These keystrokes are well thought out, tested, and refined to reduce the number of keystrokes you must press to accomplish a task. So if you just google a strategy online, you may find yourself unable to know what buttons to press in the heat of battle before you die. This can lead to a frustrating experience.
3) While some strategies are easy to accomplish by just reading about them online, others take real muscle memory. And if you practice them incorrectly, or inefficiently, you may take either way longer, or never get to the point where you are comfortable using this champion to his/her full potential. This app gives you the practice feature which lets you practice keystrokes without having to enter practice mode and practice keystrokes with cooldowns. Sure, this is advisable. But only once you know the keystrokes. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel!
4) Regular updates on the most micro-intensive characters. No, we're not going to show you how to use Raynor or Valla. But we will show you how to use Samuro and The Lost Vikings. A common issue for new players and even veterans is to not take full advantage of being able to micro multiple units at once. Especially units that have strategies and talents beyond clearing waves and getting into teamfights. So with the regular updates, we'll be not only adding new content for characters we haven't added yet, but for new content that Blizzard adds to HOTS in the first place.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop us one below or email us at