Many folks think about launching a website without any idea of where they're going, how to get there, or even where to begin.  In this single-session class, we're going to cover a few basics of WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW before you begin ... or, in the case of folks who've already started a time or two, things that might have been good to know before you began!
This class isn't intended to be "how-to" as much as "what-to."  We hope to give you the knowledge and confidence to get off to a good start.  What's most important is that you BEGIN!  You can start small, you can start slowly, and you can start inexpensively ... even FREE.  You can let your vision grow as you gain some understanding of what's involved.  A simple website, well done, can serve your needs without a lot of cost up front, and it can become the prototype for a more ambitious website later, if you determine that's necessary.

Purpose, Domain Name, Hosting, and Design

The links at left will bring you to pages about defining the purpose of your website, choosing and registering a domain name, finding an internet service provider (ISP) for hosting your site (we'll discuss free vs low-cost options), and design resources for creating the look of your site and maintaining the content.  These topics will form the outline of this single-session class.

You will continue to have access to this website, which will be updated to include some of what we've discussed in class, and it will contain links to the resources we've talked about.  We'll also look at how this site was created.