KIWIN'S Goldstone Gators


Contacting your LTG:

More about your LTG, Bernie Lim

Hi! I'm Bernie Lim, happily serving as your Goldstone LTG for 2010-2011. I'm an incoming junior at St. Lucy's Priory High School. I'm a 5"1, tan asian girl with a big heart and a big smile. I know when to get down to business and when to have fun! :D
School: St. Lucy's Priory High School in Glendora, CA.

Likes: Italian food, tart frozen yogurt, gummy anything (extra smiles if it's sour), family bonding time, piano going out with friends, traveling, growing stronger in faith<3, going on Facebook and Tumblr, shopping!, reading, listening to music, and of course... KIWIN'S!!

Dislikes: Cooking, ketchup, mustard, unfriendly people, too much soy-sauce, salad (I'm a soup person)

Interests: Biology and the sciences, the arts (musical, studio, photography), European history

Extra Curricular activities: APUSH. AP English Language. Honors Chemistry. 2010-2011 ASB Social Chairperson. President of an orgnization called Cinderella Concepts. Secretary of the Science Club. Member of Music for the Masses. CSF. Member of the Science Bowl Team. Pianist at St. Christopher (West Covina) and St. Martha (Valinda) every Saturday/Sunday.

What does KIWIN'S mean to me? KIWIN'S is a chance to enrich yourself in ways that will benefit you in the future. It just depends on how much you get involved with it. As a Freshman, I had no clue there was a hierarchy beyond my home club. On a district level, my leadership skills and interactive skills have developed so much more. On a club level, you meet new people and learn to take on responsibilities. At a member level, you still get to enjoy KIWIN'S main focus: service and spirit. The service events and rallies are unforgettable experiences! They bring out the beast in all of us! :)

What is my experience in KIWIN'S? I have served as sophomore representative of St. Lucy's KIWIN'S.

What are my goals as LTG? I plan on having a monthly divisional fundraiser/service project/social event that will help us bond as a division. I would also love it if each  club was present at each PCM/DCM. I hope to increase knowledge of District Board and have more representation from Goldstone! Yee yee. I also want to increase membership and attendance at Fall Rally and DCON. Hopefully, I'll also charter one new club this year as well! What else... Oh yeah! Most importantly, I want us to have fun as a division!!!!! That's what is most important to me :)

What do I plan to do with my next year in KIWIN'S? Many have asked if I am running for governor next year. Truth is, I wasn't planning to! We'll wait and see what comes to mind in the upcoming year. :)

Any last remarks? Get to know me on a personal level! I'm superr friendly and approachable (uhh, I hope.. LOL). I hope to make your KIWIN'S year a great experience. If you need anything.. or if you simply just need someone to talk to or add on Facebook.. just hit me up.