Mills 1.3cc Diesel

Mills 1.3cc Diesel Replicas

By Ross Purdy

It had always been my goal to build a model diesel engine that worked.

My first attempt was in 1976 when I bought plans for a 3.5cc marine diesel. This high and mighty idea never got off the ground as it was beyond my skill level at the time.

Many years later I purchased a Myford lathe and set about teaching myself the skills required to accomplish the original goal I had set.

I began building the Cygnet engine that I had plans from and had built (not very well) back in 1976.

I progressed through the other engines displayed on this web site each time stretching myself and learning as I went.

By chance I found a copy of Model Engine Builder at my local book store. It wasn’t the first issue but it was enough to get me hooked and I also discovered they had published an article in the first edition of building a Mills 1.3cc replica. I purchased all the back issues of this wonderful publication and started construction of my Mills engine. I have a theory that you have to build everything twice to get it right so I built two at the same time. The rounded head was the first one and even though it runs beautifully the second engine is a bit better finished.

I big thanks goes to Ron Chernich for firstly designing the engine and providing detailed instruction on how to build one and secondly providing friendly support during my construction so that I could finally reach the goal I had set some 30+ years ago !!. I did have to remake some parts a couple of times to get them right but that’s what it is all about.  It was incredibly satisfying to see and hear it run for the first time.