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The photo above was taken in 2014 and shows the completely random blotches that are characteristic of AYLS!

As of December 2018, the cause and effects of AYLS are still unknown!  It does appear to be communicable but nothing is known about the transmission vector and far too little is known about its Worldwide Distribution due to lack of reporting.  If you grow Actinidia vines (especially the "Hardy Kiwi", A. arguta where it is readily visible) please take the time to look at the AYLS website and report (using the form on the About AYLS page) whether it is ABSENT or PRESENT in your vines.  if it is PRESENT please take a few photos to document it.

Actinidia Yellow Leaf Spot (AYLS)

"Fig Varieties: A Monograph" by Ira Condit published February 1955 in "Hilgardia" is available for download as a PDF at the link below.  This is provided as a service since the link to the "California Agriculture" website where it was originally posted in April 2007 is difficult to follow.  Please note there are still typographical errors in this PDF version, but Condit's intent is still all there.

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