Maori supremacists and their European sycophants parrot the generalisation that 'atrocities' were committed on Maori people during the colonisation period. Pre 1840 were savage and lawless times.

It is left up to readers to decide which culture committed the most atrocities.

1. In 1809 the sailing ship Boyd was attacked by a group of Maori in Whangaroa Harbour killing and eating between 66 and 70 Europeans in retaliation for the captain’s mistreatment of a young local chief, Te Ara, who had sailed from Sydney on the Boyd. European whalers avenged the attack, killing many Māori and sparking intertribal warfare in the region.  - Page 8 'Tribes Treaty Money Power' &

2. Two hundred armed Maori killed and ate two members of the shipwrecked crew of the "Harriet" in 1834, - 'Twisting the Treaty' page 123

3. The killing of twelve helpless captives at the Wairau in 1843, - 'Twisting the Treaty' page 126

4. Six members of the Gilfillan family were tomahawked to death (‘barbarously murdered by natives’, as the above family gravestone puts it) in 1847. -

5. Maori magistrate Rawiri Waiaka, his brother Paora and three family members were murdered in 1854 while marking out land boundaries by fellow Puketapu men - page 130 'Twisting the Treaty'

6. The killing at Te Ahuahu, Taranaki, in 1864 of Captain Lloyd and seven others by Hau Hau. The bodies were found by settlers naked and decapitated, the heads were taken to the prophets and some were smoke-dried - page 46 'Tribes treaty Money power'

7. Völkner was hanged from a willow tree near his church by members of his own congregation, Te Whakatōhea in 1865. His head was then cut off and many of those present either tasted his blood or smeared it on their faces. In a final insult Kereopa Te Rau swallowed Völkner’s eyes, describing one eyeball as ‘Parliament’ and the other as the ‘Queen and English law’. -

8. Three Government agents sent to investigate Volkner's murder were also murdered in 1865 by the hauhaus - page 47 'Tribes treaty Money power' 

9. 1867 - John Brady a military settler was shot and his head beaten in,  thought to be either with the butt of the gun or the back of an axe, he was robbed of $30, apparently by 12 ‘apostles’ who it is thought had links to the ‘peaceful’ squatters of Parihaka.

10. The Matawhero massacre of about 70 sleeping settler and Maori families (men, wives and children) in 1868 by Te Kooti and his rebels - pages 119-120 'Twisting the Treaty'

11. The bayonetting of the Lavin children and slaughter of their parents and two other Europeans at Mohaka by Hau Hau in 1869, about 40 Maori were also slaughtered in the same raid - pages 120 & 121 'Twisting the Treaty'.

12. A Ngati Maniopoto gang murdered the Rev. John Whiteley who had devoted forty years to the welfare of Maoris. The coroner later reported that Whiteley was shot five times and received several tomahawk blows to his eyes. This was at Pukearuhe in northern Taranaki in February 1869, when they also murdered Bamber Gascoygne and his wife and children and two unarmed men who had been walking on the beach. -