NDS Projects

This specification contains specifications about *.sdat, *.sseq, *.ssar, *.sbnk, *.swar, *.swav, *.strm.

This program is a command line too which runs on Win32. The program is compiled by VC2005 Express. You will need Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) to run it.

Remark 1: You can test the program by converting original SSEQ files to MIDI files (by sseq2mid) and then convert the MIDI files back to SSEQ files (by this program). However, the output SSEQ files from this program is usually larger than the original SSEQ files because Jump/Call/Loop events in the original SSEQ files are lost when they are converted into MIDI files.

Remark 2: Some MIDI events (i.e. Aftertouch) cannot be implemented in SSEQ file.

My rewrite of loveemu's sseq2midi.