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Dangerous Roads

Road traffic crashes are the greatest cause of trauma in developing nations. As a country’s economy improves, its people are able to earn and save additional money -- and the first family purchase is generally a motorbike, because it is cheaper than a car and can still transport the family. On most streets in Asia you can observe an entire family riding on a single motorcycle. The purchase of vehicles in these countries is occurring at an astounding rate.  Motorcycle sales in Asia are ten times that in North America. And in Cambodia, the road traffic fatality rate is ten times higher than in developed countries.  In a recent survey, more than 3 people died and 100 were injured every day in Cambodia as a result of road traffic crashes, and motorcyclists accounted for 76% of the casualties.

The governments cannot keep up with building and maintaining roads for these vehicles, establish transportation laws and employ adequate personnel to enforce them. Because of the disproportionate ratio of vehicles to roads and ineffective traffic control systems to enforce traffic rules, everyone is endangered, even those on the sidewalk. The roads are often used simultaneously by trucks, cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, animals and pedestrians.  When a crash occurs, the injuries can be extraordinarily severe, and the victims generally do not have money for the implants necessary to repair their broken limbs. 

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