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Cost Factors

  • The cost to produce a SIGN Fracture Care International “Nail” and 4 especially-designed screws to hold the bone fragments rigidly in place is approximately $100 per procedure.  
  • The cost of producing surgical instruments and implants sufficient for 100 implant surgeries in a newly established KiwanisSIGN Project is $25,000 for 100 implants and two instrument sets.  SIGN Fracture Care International provides the initial training of surgeons, continuing supervision (usually via e-mailed case reports and x-rays) and replacement implants as the “nails” in the initial starter set are consumed. To date, nearly 300 SIGN projects have been established by SIGN in 52 developing countries.  (KiwanisSIGN Projects are now operating in Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Haiti, Malawi, South Sudan, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Uganda, Myanmar, Nepal, Iraq, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Pakistan, and Tanzania – with many more KiwanisSIGN Projects to come as Kiwanis funding becomes available. PNW Kiwanis donations to date total $1,300,000.  See KiwanisSIGN hospitals.) 
  • Donations in any amount are welcome.  The KiwanisSIGN Project coordinators maintain a record of each donation received, regardless of amount.  Any combination of donors may designate groupings of donations as funding for a named KiwanisSIGN Surgery Center.  Undesignated donations are welcome as well, of course.
  • The Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Foundation, at no cost to the Project, acts as the conduit for donations to the KiwanisSIGN Project and records donations received.  Donations may be sent to KiwanisSIGN Project, Attn:  Duane Davidson, Treasurer, PO Box 14, Richland WA 99352.  In all cases, 100% of each donation received is given to SIGN Fracture Care International.  (All KiwanisSIGN Project administrative and fund raising expenses are paid by the personal donations of the members of the two KiwanisSIGN Steering Committees.  Donations from Kiwanians and their clubs may also be sent directly to SIGN Fracture Care International, of course.
  • More than 95% of SIGN Fracture Care International’s funds are dedicated to the design and production of free implants and surgical instruments, training surgeons and monitoring cases as they are reported into the database.  The remainder is applied to administrative expenses.  No funds are passed through governments or other third parties; SIGN Implants are all sent directly to participating SIGN Fracture Care International Surgeons in developing countries.