KiwanisSIGN Kids in Action

Key Clubbers in Abbotsford BC raised & donated more than $15,000 to fund and name the KiwanisSIGN Surgery Center at Gilani Hospital in Abbottabad, Pakistan – which turned out to be a 5-minute walk from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout!

How did they do it?  Easy.  They made money, lots of it, from manure.  Mushroom Manure that is.  Wonderfully tasty mushrooms are grown locally in a mixture of chicken manure and rotting straw -- but after a year or so the Mushroom Manure is exhausted and given to the Key Club kids who shovel the putrid stuff into bags and sell it to gardeners who line up to buy it for fertilizer.   

Side Benefit.  The kids got their own special section on the school bus!

Key Club Governor's Project.