KiwanisSIGN History

Milt Lewis, a member of the Richland (WA) Kiwanis Club and a past Lt. Governor of  Division 54, was a quadriplegic as the result of an automobile accident.  Milt recognized the potential of SIGN Fracture Care International to help individuals who were helpless like him, but who unlike himself were completely curable with the SIGN system.  Two weeks before his death Milt asked his club to work to facilitate the growth of SIGN throughout the world.  The KiwanisSIGN project was created as a direct result of Milt’s request and the resulting initiative was subsequently endorsed by his club, his division and the PNW District.

The Milton Lewis Medallion is awarded to donors of $1,000 or more in support of PNW’s KiwanisSIGN project – a Pacific Northwest District-wide initiative to Heal Broken Bones to Save Broken Families.

As with the KI Foundation’s Hixson Medallion which has “diamond levels” to recognize $1,000 increments above the initial $1,000 contribution, there are additional levels of acknowledgement in the Milt Lewis Medallion too:  the additional recognitions take the form of metal bars affixed to the green ribbon on which the Medallion hangs.  A Bronze Bar signifies incremental contributions totaling $5,000+; a Silver Bar signifies $10,000+ and a Gold Bar signifies $15,000+.  

A $15,000 contribution also brings with it the privilege of the recipient’s name being assigned to a KiwanisSIGN Surgery Center in a developing country.  

There are currently 64 KiwanisSIGN Surgery Centers in 27 developing countries honoring donors (from 180+ contributing clubs!) at the $1,000+ level and twenty-five each at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  A physician in southwestern Oregon qualifies for two Gold Bars.  More than 190 Kiwanis and KEY clubs have donated to KiwanisSIGN to date and 100+ additional Kiwanians have contributed to KiwanisSIGN at less than the $1,000 level. 
Every $100 contributed to SIGN or KiwanisSIGN represents a child, family wage earner or caregiver somewhere in the developing world, restored to a productive life.  Without the help of SIGN and KiwanisSIGN, trauma victims face lives as an invalids . . . or premature death.