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Every contribution to SIGN Fracture Care International or KiwanisSIGN is acknowledged, of course.

Every Kiwanis club in the PNW District has been sent a KiwanisSIGN banner patch with spaces for "Walking Person Decals."  A Walking Person Decal representing an injured child or adult in a child's life is sent to clubs for every $100 contributed. 

Donations may be in any amount.  The KiwanisSIGN Project coordinators maintain a record of each donation received, regardless of amount.  Any combination of donors may designate groupings of donations as funding for a named KiwanisSIGN Surgery Center.  Undesignated donations are welcome as well, of course.

A single Kiwanian, Kiwanis club, any combination of clubs and individuals, a single Kiwanis division, or any combination of divisions may fund the establishment of, and name, a KiwanisSIGN Surgery Center.
  • Donations from clubs or individuals totaling $1,000 qualify the clubs or individuals to designate any person, normally a member, as the recipient of the Milt Lewis Medallion.  
  • Each donation or combination of donations from a club or division totalling $5,000 qualify Milt Lewis Medallion recipients to receive a Gold Bar that may be attached to the medallion's green ribbon.  Additional gold bars are attached for successive increments of $5,000.