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Two KiwanisSIGN Project Coordinating Committees, each led by a PNW District Chairman, provide vision, strategy, support and materials to regional KiwanisSIGN Champions who represent KiwanisSIGN in their local areas.

Support materials available include Project videos in DVD format,  a KiwanisSIGN Presenter's Resource Guidebrochures, templates for the production of flyers, press releases, donation jars and consultation as needed – free of charge.  The KiwanisSIGN Project Coordinating Committees are committed to provide all assistance possible in support of club and division efforts to raise KiwanisSIGN Project funds.   Correspondence with the KiwanisSIGN Project Coordinating Committee is best directed to 
  • Ralph Curran, Co-Chairman, KiwanisSIGN Project Steering Committee-South, 79 Willis, Richland WA 99354 (r.curran1@charter.net)  
  • Ann Penner, Co-Chairperson, KiwanisSIGN Project Steering Committee-North, Ann Penner, 36170 Walter Road, Abbotsford, B.C. V3G-1K9 CANADA (annpenner11@gmail.com).
Click Committees or Champions respectively for contact information for KiwanisSIGN Steering Committee Members or Regional Champions.  Every one of them is eager to support KiwanisSIGN in any way possible.

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