Der Happy Hallow

Der Happy Hallow is a park where children and adults connect with nature by walking nature trails and experiencing outdoor activities.  It is a site for families to share camping and fishing experiences.

This Land was a gift to the Kiwanis Club of Holt from Ernest and Virgilene Hunt.  In there own words, "We hope the young and elders will find the pleasures we have had watching nature as it reproduces many new and unusual wonders."

We Share Ernest's and Virgilene's hopes and welcome all students and teachers, boy and girl scouts and their leaders, parents and children, church groups and senior citizens, child-care providers and community service organizations;

"All are Welcome
to learn and play"

1084 Hagadorn Rd.
Mason, MI 48854

For More Information Contact:
Tom Hunt at (517) 887-3656 or
Ron Venner at (517) 281-9358

1084 Hagadorn Rd