Latest Bicycle News Items:
Will end Oct. 13 and start up  next year (2018) around mid April.

Bicycle Donation for 2017 Update.
We are excepting only children bikes (20" and smaller) donations due to storage limitation.

Bicycle Grant Program for 2017 Start.
The Repair of bikes is scheduled to start on Tuesday April 11 and work will continue every Tuesday & Thursday from 1 to 3 PM till Store Day in December.

Bicycle Grant Program for 2016 is Done. 
We started 2016 Season in April and have cleaned and repaired 353 bikes for Christmas Anonymous Store day Dec 10th, of those 41 have been already given to clients of local social service and other approved groups.
We'll start up again in 2017 about mid April.
Note that we normally start up in mid to late April time frame.  Donation can made  via the Christmas Anonymous web page.

Bicycle Grant Program 2015 - 308 Bikes Cleaned & Repaired.
So far 39 bicycles for needed transportation were distributed to those in the community via requests from local social service professionals and ZVHC counselors. The rest will be given out on Christmas Anonymous Store Day Saturday Dec 12.

Bicycle Grant Program 2014 - 271 bicycle delivered! 
Total of 271 bicycle were completed in 2014 season, 42 bicycles went during the year for transportation that were distributed through requests from Social service works and ZVHC professionals. The remaining were distributed on Store Day for Christmas Anonymous on second Saturday of December.

Kiwanis Bicycle Program 2014

Here are some pictures of our volunteers and activities this past year.