本校的廣東話及國語課程設於加拿大BC省大溫哥華地區本拿比市 Alpha 中學,逢星期五、六上課。程度由學前班、幼稚園、小學至中學、另設漢語拼音班,BC省中文省試班,簡體字班等。

For over 27 years, Kiu Do has always been a reputable and dedicated Chinese School with a good team of professional teachers in Chinese language education.

Our Cantonese and Mandarin classes are located in Alpha Secondary School in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The schedules are every Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. Courses range from preschool, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, Mandarin pinyin class, BC Provincial and Challenge Exam preparations.  Mandarin courses are taught in either simplified or traditional Chinese writings.  



Our Goal:

To educate our children with Chinese Language and culture in order to communicate and inherit our cultural morals and family values. We adopt Chinese study materials which are suitable for Canadian daily living. Certified and experienced teachers are recruited from China, Hong Kong and Canada.

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