Welcome to Kitty's Italian Crosswords and Wordsearches!

I'm learning Italian together with my daughter. We still have a looong way to go to master the Italian language ;)

I learn a lot when making crosswords and wordsearches, and she learns a lot when solving the crosswords and wordesarches.

In case other students can use our crosswords and wordsearches to learn Italian, we have published them on this website.

The crosswords are pdf-files, and they are easy to download and print.

This is a much more fun way to learn new words and work with grammar, than regular grammar tasks.

The clues in the crosswords are mostly in English (some times in Italian), and the answers are in Italian.

You can use the crosswords just the way you like, but you can of course not publish them elsewhere in any way.


Kitty :)

  • I started this website February 2013, so it's not that much here yet. I'm going to upload new crosswords and wordsearches almost every week ;)
  • I'm far from a native Italian speaker, I've made these crosswords because I'm learning Italian... If you find some mistakes I've made, please send me an email ;)
  • I need several repetitions to really learn a word, so I'm solving my own crosswords over and over again! I find it very useful ;)