Substance of a Lucent Dream...

There is a dark and lonely place, but this is not it.  Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.  I'm not really here and you're not really here, yet here we are just the same.  As much as I hate to admit it, over a year after it's inception, this website is still under construction. I hope to have everything under control very soon... 
This place is for my Asian ball-jointed dolls (Abjds).  Many of mine are rather big, the larger ones ranging in height from 58 cm. to 80 cm, though some of the smallest are only 10 cm. tall.  They're made of a high quality, durable, polyurethane resin.  Most of my dolls are Korean but I do have a few Japanese dolls and a very special resin cast robot-doll by the American sculptor, batchix. 
For me, collecting and customizing these dolls is very much a form of artistic self discovery.  Originally based on the concept of customizable figure kits, these particular dolls lend themselves well to the creation of something personal and completely Unique.  Everything about the doll can be customized from painting the face (putting on the "make-up") to finding that perfect pair of eyes.  Remember the saying?  The eyes are the windows of the soul.   
Feel free to browse my collection as showcased here.  I've also included a few links to my favorite doll companies and Den of Angels, the largest English language forum for Abjd collectors and enthusiasts.
♥ Kittymaru
09 Jan. 2011