Digital Portfolio 2013 
Archived here are examples and revisions of the work I completed throughout the 2012-2013 school year in English.

Banners across the top of each digital piece indicate the name of the project and the time of year it was completed initially. 

The projects are ordered from newest to oldest on their respective pages, but each piece has been altered to reflect my current capabilities.

All photography on this site is my own unless credited otherwise, but I'm a total showoff about my nice pictures so it won't happen too often. 

Digital Writing contains my essays, stories, and online posts from this year. 

Digital Media Pieces are essentially the miscellaneous; there are mock Facebook pages, infographics, timelines, and presentations.

Artwork includes drawings, photographs, and pictures of some of the visual artistic pieces I made this year.

The Personal Blog is just that– a reflection on this project, the projects I'm fixing up, and this year as a whole. Hopefully it will be repurposed later to chronicle my adventures as I leave California and head out to Georgia this summer.

Who Am I? has a brief summary of who I am as a person, and is supplemented by pictures of me in blazers and funny hats. It is definitely worth a peek for the pictures alone.