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Rental Policy

Club Rental Information

1. Basic Information:  Club members may rent the Club for private functions on a first come, first served basis after October 15th and before May 1st. No rentals are permitted from May 1st through October 15th. Any member who rents the Club must be present at the event. Members must make arrangements to rent the Club if they want to have exclusive use of the Clubhouse or if they plan to decorate the Clubhouse.  If decorating tape, pins or staples cannot be used on the walls.  KPYC is not to be used for Commercial purposed in whole or in part, be the Clubs By-Laws.

2. Capacity: KPYC’s occupancy permit from the New Castle Fire Department allows for 70 people.

3. Requesting A Reservation Club: Members wishing to rent the Club must contact the KPYC Bookkeeper and provide the following information:

Member’s Name

Send Information to:

Laurie Szilagyi, KPYC Bookkeeper

Date Requested

Start & Finish Times

Email or Street Address

P. O. Box 373

New Castle, NH 03854

Phone Number                                


Phone Number 603-868-7475 

Purpose of Rental




The Bookkeeper will notify the member if the Club is available. Once notified, the member must:

• Send two checks payable to Kittery Point Yacht Club - one for the Rental Fee and the second for the Deposit ($150.00) – to Laurie Szilagyi, Bookkeeper, Kittery Point Yacht Club, PO Box 373, New Castle, NH, 03854.

• Include the event date on each check.

• Rental and Deposit checks must be received no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event,

• Sign and include with the checks a Release & Hold Harmless Agreement.

 4. Reservations Posted:  Once your date is confirmed by the Bookkeeper, your reservation will be posted on the KYPC website calendar. The website calendar will generally be the most up-to-date record of Club reservations. The calendar on the bulletin board at the Club will also be maintained on a best effort basis.

 5. Member Responsibilities: During an event, post a sign on the front door to alert all members "Private Member Event Underway". Members who rent the Club are responsible for being familiar with and following House Rules and the Information for Rentals of the KPYC Clubhouse. You may not use the Club’s beverage refrigerator during your event, so please plan accordingly. Your Deposit check will be destroyed once it has been determined that you have complied with these policies and there are no damages.

 6. Cancellations:  If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, please notify the Bookkeeper immediately. Any payments will be refunded, and the date will be freed up for use by another member.

 7. Questions: Please direct any questions or suggestions regarding the Club Rental policies and procedures to the House Chair at

Thomas Schladenhauffen,
Jan 28, 2018, 12:19 PM