Learning to Lead.... A local group of volunteer guide dog puppy raisers

We are a broad community of volunteer “puppy raisers”, located in Kitsap, Jefferson, and Mason Couny who take Guide Dog for the Blind pups into our homes for about a year and work together to teach the pups good manners at home, at work, and in public. When the puppies are 12-18 months old, they return to the Guide Dog training campus in Boring, Oregon for their professional guide work training. 

Raising a guide puppy is quite a journey - filled with new friends, fun, love, challenges, pride, sadness, and joy.  We are always being asked how we can part with these puppies that have been part of our families for over a year. While it isn’t easy, once you hear a person talk about how his or her life changes with a guide dog partner, the question becomes ‘how could you not’.