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Summer of 1972. This boy Lev dreamt to grow into mathematician and ladies man. Find two differencies between dreams and today reality.   May 1987. Father of three arrrives to Israel and changes name to Levi.
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Beginning of 1930 years.  Aaron Nachumovich Kitroser-Kitrossky, advocate and his wife Emma Ilyinichna with their single child Nahum (borned 19.02.1929), who later shortened family name just to Kitrossky. Behind them grandmother Olga Moiseevna. In the middle stands nurse. Bessarabia, now Moldova.  
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Amedeo Modigliani, "Portrait of sculptor Jacob Lipchitz with his wife". The latter is our relative Berta Kitrosser. Died after WW2 on Capri. Real Bertha, archive of Ariela Sef, in book by Boris Nosik "Enticing and misleading stories of Russian Paris" , M., 2008,Raduga publishing house Diego Rivera. Portrait of Berta Kitrosser. 1916.

Old picture 1984-1985

Marina at left, Nechama Polonsky, me. My head conceals reglament how to start Shabbat Marina (Miriam)
Leah with box of matches 

Old pictures 1960-1970

When Miriam was 15 When Miriam Kitrossky was 6