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Memorial page of two of our parents, of blessed memory.

Alexander Sheinin 1930-2003, Inna Kitrossky 1932-1987

See Galina's letters to friends about Alexander's last months (in Russian) as HTM and DOC

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Alexander Sheinin and Inna Kitrossky on wedding of their children, Miryam and Levi. 14 April 1978
Alexander Sheinin in 1978, at age 47. Wedding of daughter Miriam. Inna Kitrossky at the begining of 1980s, age about 50. Village Navolok.

From memorial

Inna in her favorite place - house in village Navolok between Tver' and Pskov. Beginning of 1980s, age about 50.

Funerals in Washington , DC. 9 February 1987 (10 Shvat 5747). The picture appeared in "Washington Times". Outside of Israel coffin with a hole is used in funerals. Person in spectacles in the background - my classmate Matthew Maly.



Alexander with niece Polina Ravdel.