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Trip to Amsterdam 12-14 September 2004

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There is a yearly exhibition in Amsterdam called IBC - International Broadcasting Convention. All things connected to TV. See part of my report here.

Amsterdam was founded about 1200, when fishermen put dam on delta of Amstel. Dam + Amstel resulted in Amsterdam. That time the main city was Utrecht, which was founded by Romans in the 1st century CE. During the great war of Dutch for liberation from Spaniards and Catholic intolerance Amsterdam changed sides and went for freedom in 1568, this event s called Alteration. The Golden Era of Amsterdam and Netherlands was in 17th century. There are almost no buildings left from the previous period due to fires. Other calamities were wars and pestilence. Too much water can be bad also - French destroyed dams and part of lands were ruined. Vermeer lost almost all his money this way.

Netherlands from plane

My relatives there

Hooray!  I have relatives near Maastricht - second cousin Olga Firssov with family. But she is more like 1.5 cousin, because our grandmothers were identical twins, mine Hasia and her Riva.

 Olga (left) and her daughter Genia.  Genia in London Riva gives a concert

Remains of the former glory of Netherlands

Ship model and real sea cannon. Made wars with Britain! Guns almost in the man height length

Current glory of Netherlands

Great artists (Rijksmuseum) Great artists (Rijksmuseum), but no writers
From Views
Freedom (best smoking products are promoted) Equality (two persons on horses are policewomen)


Technical thought of modern Amsterdam

From Views
Through all the country one smells cows. But how not to bring home their filth? The answer is wooden galoshes! Look ma  - no hands! Automatic cleaning of garbage. First similar vacuum cleaners before home electricity were similar. Paradise for bicycles! Even special semaphore. BTW, semaphores in programming were invented by Dutch - Dijkstra.
Another variation on bicycle - rickshaw. He can take two passengers. Streets are full of bicycles at any weather. More serious problem - how to prevent house from crash? Build houses close one to another! Another great idea - make channels till storehouses. But then houses are too thin, and one cannot bring anything big through staircase, what to do? use pulley, see it in picture under roof. 

Views of Amsterdam center

Royal palace. The queen is very democratic, but still uses palace from time to time. Magna plaza is in essence a big shop. Most of houses in Amsterdam are not as big Near Magna Plaza



Rare Neo-Gothic style sample in Amsterdam, after a long struggle with Catholic oppression, local people did not like the style. De Krijtberg church of 19th century. The sculpture on the foreground is really half-man height.
The same but more frontal Great Amsterdam channel The same but with my relaxed face There is a lot of parks, water and rain.

Additional nice views without comments (although the first to left has comment inside)