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Site created by Katie Flege-Friedericks, Feb. 2009
Kit Kittredge is a character from the American Girl book series. The books tell the story of what it was like to be a nine year-old girl during the Great Depression of the 1930s. This site will help you locate both the American Girl materials and electronic resources about the Great Depression and life in the 1930s. The Great Depression was a time of economic hardship in the U.S., when many people found themselves unemployed and in poverty. This Pathfinder will help you find more information about the Depression and what life was like for kids in the 1930s.  
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  • Search Strategies will give you tips on searching for more information.
  • An American Girl contains information on the American Girl books and materials
  • The Great Depression link is the spot for electronic resources that will help you learn about this period in history.
  • Kit's World has electronic resources focusing on things Kit and kids in the 1930s would have been interested in.

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