Kite Lessons, Kite beach Cabarete
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All Lessons are taught on Kite Beach with John J. Holzhall, author of the KITEs Method.

#1 "Resort Course" - $60usd Great for those "Just Checking the Sport out" Book Now and receive our latest ebook

#2 "Bro to Pro" This Course is $399usd and is 9 hours. Great for those who are interested in becoming kiteboarders. Book Now and receive our latest ebook

#3 "Athlete Course" This course is $975usd and perfect for people who want to be kite boarders. This course is 30 hours and takes new riders from zero to being a kiter with a solid base.  Book Now and receive our latest ebook

kite lessons, kite beach cabarete

Pages from the Latest KITEs Method eBook, "Learn to Kite"

Learn to kite, kite lessons, Cabarete

All Coaching is supervised by John J. Holzhall, author of the KITEs Method

How to Kite, Kite Lessons Kite Beach cabare

Become a KITEs Method Coach - $1299 includes the Method ALL KIte and the KITEs Method E-course.

20 hour Coaches Course on Kite Beach, Dominican Republic complete with the ALL KITE - $1299. Contact us to reserve your space. 

The  KITEs Method Coaches Course has evolved. We now have the entire Method online in Text and Video. Most importantly, the course includes the Method ALL Kite. Guaranteed to give you more range with less gear  for your school.  We Guarantee that you can do twice as many lessons with half the gear!

Take advantage of this great 2 n 1 offer...learn the cutting edge KITEs Method and receive the Method ALL Kite.

Coaches and Method Centers:
Teach more lessons with less gear.

To become a Coach, contact us.

The KITEs (Kiteboarding International Training Evaluation) Method was developed and produced by John Holzhall. Traditionally Kiteboarding was a very dangerous sport to learn primarily because of the amount of power in the kite. The KITEs Method presents an entirely different path towards teaching and learning. In the Method, riders learn the physics behind How and Why kites power in a fun safe way, Guaranteed!

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What they Say:

M. A. Frauendorff
"The Method will give any level rider the confidence and more importantly, the common sense to enjoy this sport safely. Great job!"

Dr. Edward J. Duffy
Excellent, the Method is first rate and makes what can be dangerous a SAFE graduated learning experience. Board dragging as a learning tool is  excellent!!! No one else promotes this; most talk only of body dragging. You CAN NOT go wrong with this Method!!

  Bret Gustafson 
This method has the beginner start 100% safe & confident and then gradually extend the lines out to where the power & potential danger & frustration is.
I can't believe that more kiteboarding schools don't do this already.
Great Method! Thanks.

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kite lessons kitebeach cabarete

kite lessons, kite beach cabarete

Kite Lessons, Kite Beach Cabarete