The Kite Runner

"Alas the Afghanistan of our youth is long dead.  Kindness is gone from the land and you cannot escape the killings.  Always the killings.  In Kabul, fear is everywhere, in the streets, in the stadium, in the markets, it is a part of our lives here"  (Hosseini 216).





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 You will have approximately 3 weeks to complete this project.  Steps 1 - 3 will take 5 days, Steps 4 - 6 will take 8 days.

Step 1:  Research  and gain background information on:

-the war-torn portion of Afghanistan's history

-the history of Kabul 

-the history of kite flying

-the history of the Taliban

As background, use Google Earth   to view Afghanistan and Kabul and listen to the audio interview of Khalid Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner.  You will also do a search using the terms kite flying afghanistan with the INSPIRE database.  Choose Student Research Center, enter the above keywords and read the three following articles:   A Childhood in Afghanistan,  While It's Kites Are Still Flying, then Kabul Can Hope, and Paper-string Symbols of Freedom Fill Afghan Skies.  The last article to be read  is Afghan History: Kite Flying, Kite Running, and Kite Banning

The history of Afghanistan links: 

Afghanistan Online




The history of Kabul links:

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Women of Kabul  This is a video link.


The history of kite flying links:

Afghan Fighters 

Afghanistan: Artistry in the Air 


The history of the Taliban links:

Who are the Taliban? 



Step 2: Take notes in order to organize your information.  This link will help you.  Taking notes

Step 3: Use the  Persuasion Map to help organize your information.

Step 4:  Write a rough draft of your article and use the rubric to check for requirements. Write your final draft of the underground newspaper article.  What you write should be so compelling to anyone reading it that they would end up agreeing with your point of view.  

Step 5: Make a Work Cited page.  MLA style will show the correct format.

Step 6:  Design a PowerPoint presentation that highlights your article, using this rubric.    There should be a minimum of  8 slides, including your Work Cited page.   You will present this project to the class.