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seed spinner stacked

The ground generation unit for a spinning kite setThis collaborative website provides parts and construction information and also Open Source information you can use to                  Build Your Own              High Altitude                     Kite Generatormy next evolution in revolution

first test of a torus spinner

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  • hill saddle set A better view, of how a hill saddle, with two cables across, can hold a set of generators in place. Not quite the olympic rings. But with a little tweak they could look a bit....
    Posted 20 Mar 2012, 07:30 by Rod Read
  • Brian's sailing winch servo Brian Turner has suggested a fantastic improvement to the lifter controller servo's. Use a ten turn servo with two pulleys on top. Set the servo in it's mid movement point.Wind the left tether 5 turns clockwise on the bottom pulley.Wind the right tether 5 turns anti-clockwise on the top pulley.simple simple simpleIt should also work for the front to back driver.Thank you so much for that Brian.
    Posted 6 Mar 2012, 10:34 by Rod Read
  • Good will Jim Haddox of kitebladder.comIs my new HERO!http://www.kitebladder.comHe has offered to make my bladders for just the cost of shipping!!!!WOW!I am gob-smacked it's a brilliant vote of confidence,and incredibly generous.
    Posted 5 Mar 2012, 13:31 by Rod Read
  • Best lifter control yet Re: Lifter kite controlI have managed to really simplify my design for a single to 4 line control pod, for a lifter kite. Two servos, driving capstans. slung underneath the main single tether leading to the front lines.The top servo adjusts front to back relative line tension (AoA)The bottom servo adjusts Left / Right relative tension.This design now translates literally into a standard single joystick RC control  yipeeIt could be improved by the top servo being replaced by a linear actuator.... not sure
    Posted 5 Mar 2012, 05:48 by Rod Read
  • Better lifter control To improve stability the kite lines are more "staked out" from the single tether.And to keep orientation the weight of the battery and control system are on a back spreader bar.
    Posted 26 Feb 2012, 12:51 by Rod Read
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