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MapMate resources

MapMate is a species recording database. I've been using it extensively since about 2001, for my own wildlife records, in my role as Berkshire county moth recorder, and in my work for Wildlife Trusts and records centres.

Many people have volunteered their time to help develop the system, alongside its commercial owners, and there is an excellent MapMate user group (to request an invitation to join the user group contact me).

Here is a presentation introducing MapMate and what you can use it for.

NEW: I've been working with BSBI to produce some training videos showing how to do lots of things in MapMate: BSBI MapMate support

MapMate resources I've produced:

(See also additional materials developed for BSBI county plant recorders.)

SQL for user queries

SQL for custom user queries is now available here. Lots of different queries for record validation, exporting to NBN, and many more. New queries last added November 2014.

Some of the above were developed for use with moth recorders in Berkshire, but feel free to download them and adapt them for your own use - I'd be grateful for any feedback to improve them.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence (by-sa).

MapMate training workshops

Martin Harvey runs training workshops for MapMate users, from beginners to advanced. Clients have included: Botanical Society of the British Isles, Butterfly Conservation, RSPB, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and Leicestershire Community Heritage Initiative.

For further details contact me

Useful MapMate links

The most comprehensive set of MapMate resources (including my training videos and Martin Rand's MapMate handbook) is on the BSBI's MapMate website

See also on the main MapMate website:

Beginners' guide by Ken Merrifield

How to update your software (see also my updated version - pdf download)

Data-sharing guide

Download the MapMate Data Model (scroll to bottom of page) - essential for customising your own queries